Wave 1.0?

The Original Jeep Wave

Our save the wave post last week brought up some interesting conversation on Facebook about which came first, the Corvette wave or the Jeep Wave.  (our conclusion: Jeep, of course!)  We did some looking around online and found this picture dated January 1, 1945 – soldiers in a Jeep give the “V” for victory to a boy in Belgium.  Maybe this is documented proof.  waVe on…

One thought on “Wave 1.0?

  1. I’ve never heard of a Corvette wave, nor have I ever seen one happen. I am aware of the motorcycle “point” though. The motorcycle point May have come first, since motorcycles were around for a few decades before the Jeep, but I still think that a Jeep Wave is the utmost form of respect for a fellow driver.

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