National Jeep Wave Day 05/07/12

It’s been decided, the first national Jeep Wave Day will be May 7, 2012.  So how’d we choose that day? First off, credit to one of our facebook fans, Missy, from who suggested it.  Now the details:

–  May is the fifth month of the year and you often do the Jeep Wave with 5 fingers…so that’s how we start.

–  The 7th day of May pays homage to the seven slot grille that defines the Jeep brand.

–  So long as the world doesn’t end in 2012, we’ll have our first national Jeep Wave day on May 7th, 2012 to honor thy Jeep and recognize the drivers who share the love.

Hopefully you can help spread the word.  Tell your friends.  Share the news on facebook and twitter.  Help us pass out fliers as the time approaches. Dealerships need to know about this too so it can be a success.

Thanks and keep on waving.

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