Wave at Beauty

Wave at Beauty

Not a Jeep Wave per say, but we wanted to think about why we wave at other Jeeps.  There is camaraderie, sharing excellent taste in vehicles, but what about beauty?  In its rugged simplicity, a Jeep is at it’s core, beautiful.

An editor at the Gizmodo Tech blog commented on this photo: “The chunky, utilitarian Jeep design mixes with the perfect sharpness of the photo in a wonderful way. When you notice that the wheel and grass are a blur, it almost seems impossible that the vehicle is in such excellent focus.”  Jeep Wave at Beauty!

Check out the original photo here: Velocity Jeep

Take Time to Wave

We came across this video recently and besides being amazed at how fast these guys took apart and rebuilt a jeep, it got us thinking.  If we can do this in 4 minutes, why is it so hard for drivers to take 2 seconds to wave?  Maybe we’re distracted by our cell phones and everything we’ve got going on in our lives.  Or, maybe not enough new drivers know about the wave.  Either way, enjoy the video and remember, if these guys can rebuild a jeep in 4 minutes, we can take 2 seconds to recognize the best vehicle in the world driven by the best drivers in the world!  Jeep Wave every day!

Happy B-Day Jeep!

The First Jeep (1940)

The first Jeep from American Bantam Car company rolled off the assembly line 70 yrs ago today.  While the ABC design was ultimately sent to Ford for mass production, we respect that which came first.  In honor of Jeep’s real Birthday, everything is 20% off this week!  Click the “Get Your Gear” link to buy yours today!

More than meets the eye…

Looks like there was a rumor that the next Transformer’s movie would  feature “Rollbar” as an Autobot turned Jeep Wrangler.  Evidently…it was just rumors.  Judging by the size of that laser gun in his hand, it could have brought new meaning to the “Jeep Wave.”  Just for fun, check out these pics from the set and a few of the old action figure toys.  Rollbar’s motto, “Front Wheel Drive is for sissies,” had a nice ring to it…haha!

Wave 1.0?

The Original Jeep Wave

Our save the wave post last week brought up some interesting conversation on Facebook about which came first, the Corvette wave or the Jeep Wave.  (our conclusion: Jeep, of course!)  We did some looking around online and found this picture dated January 1, 1945 – soldiers in a Jeep give the “V” for victory to a boy in Belgium.  Maybe this is documented proof.  waVe on…