Wounded Warrior Fund

With the recent success of Jeep Wave Day, we wanted to help spread the word about another great project, the Wounded Warrior Fund. As of May 2012, all purchases made through our eBay auction pages, will include a donation made by jeepwaves.com to the Wounded Warrior Fund (10% of the total purchase amount).

We think this is a great project and something that everyone can get behind, regardless of your politics or other beliefs.  Hopefully, you all agree, because we’re doing it anyway.  So, head on over to our eBay pages and get yourself a decal or shirt to support the Jeep Wave and support our troops in the process. Thanks!

National Jeep Wave Day?

We posted a question on our Facebook page, asking our followers if and when they’d like to see a national jeep wave day. Taking inspiration from the National Go Topless Day sponsored by All Things Jeep, we thought this would be another great way to celebrate being Jeepers together. Let us know on the Facebook page or in the comments below when you’d like to see a national jeep wave day!

Jeep Clubs

We recently met up with our friends at the South Park 4×4 Club and had a great meeting with some fellow Jeep fans. It got us thinking about the importance of knowing other local drivers and getting out on the trails to enjoy our Jeeps. If any local Jeep clubs would like some Jeep Wave gear, feel free to shoot us an email for some group discounts on shirts and stickers. Wave on!

Have You Been Carded?

Ever returned to your Jeep in the lot and spotted one of these cards on your window? It’s not quite as good as getting a real Jeep Wave…but it’s the next best thing. And, it’s always nice to get a wave, even when you’re not driving. If you find one on your Jeep, know that you’ve got a sweet looking ride and someone wanted to give you a wave!