Memorial Day 2014

We simply want to say thank you to all those who have served and perished protecting the freedoms we hold dear in the USA. Please have a reflective and appreciative Memorial Day and be sure to thank a service member for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of those who fought and did not return. Instead of succumbing to discounts, deals, and the like today, consider donating to the Wounded Warrior Project.


As is tradition here at…a solemn “Jeep Wave” as tribute from a superhero to the REAL Heroes.

Jeep Wave Man

Memorial Day 2013

Reflect. Reflect. Reflect.

While this is a national day of remembrance in the USA, it’s also an intensely personal day to reflect on what the ultimate sacrifice of others means to you — how it affects your life to know that fellow Americans have died fighting to protect the freedoms we take for granted.  More than one day a year to do this, it should be something we think about daily and appreciate, but often, we forget. We implore all our readers to thank a military veteran today for taking the risks to defend what we hold dear and pay respects to those who fought and did not return.  We also recommend a donation to the Wounded Warriors Project as a way to support those fighting today.

As is tradition here at, here is a salute from a superhero to the real superheros…

Jeep Wave Man

Remembering – Memorial Day

A Jeep Wave to remember those who died while serving to protect the USA.  We hope this day is less about the bbq’s, the beach, and the day off of work and more about remembering and reflecting about how and why we are able to enjoy what we have in this country.  In large part, due to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We posted last week about a new initiative going on at  We are donating 10% of all purchases made to the Wounded Warriors Fund.  We believe this is a great cause and something all of us can get behind.  While a day like Memorial Day is well needed, supporting wounded vets is something we can do everyday, not just the last day in May.  Don’t make this a reason to buy a decal or a shirt today, because that’s not what today is about.  But, hopefully this philanthropy is something we can take pride in when making future purchases.

One last thing.  A tribute from last year from a super hero to the real super heroes.