National Jeep Wave Day 2013

National Jeep Wave Day 2013

The second annual National Jeep Wave Day is May 7th, 2013…and that’s just around the corner.  For those who don’t know, we’re trying to have a day to celebrate our Jeeps and promote the Jeep Wave.  With more and more Jeep drivers out there every day, we need to make sure everyone knows about the wave.

Last year, we spread the word to over 5,000 Jeepers via Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth.  This year, we’re gonna need your help again to share with social networks, Jeep clubs, and Jeep friends around the world.  Throw that #JeepWaveDay hash tag out on Twitter, share posts on Facebook, and don’t forget to wave to all the Jeeps you can see on May 7th.

Feel free to link back to the blog here if you want to share around the web with your Jeep friends!  linkback: Jeep Wave Day 2013

9 thoughts on “National Jeep Wave Day 2013

  1. dealership should promote the wave as soon as the car is sold and before the new owner leaves 🙂
    many times, I wave and I see the other driver looking at me like if I was a complete nutcase or an alien with red tentacules and 4 heads !

    obviously, they know nothing about the Jeep Wave 🙂

  2. @Phil You are completely correct. I have to stop doing it before they start thinking i’m some kind of creep lol

  3. @Phil – We agree completely. Had a dealership in Connecticut that actually told us about the wave during a wrangler test drive. Very cool and how it should be done.

    @Vickie – Awesome Jeep and glad to see you’ve got the wave going!

  4. I began using the ‘Jeep wave’ with my first Jeep…a CJ5 Renegade…that was 40 years ago. Back then all CJ’ers did it and even stopped and talked. That all changed when the YJ (Wrangler in USA) came along. Those folks had no idea what they were driving and it just went down hill since then. Nobody since the CJ days actually realizes that they are driving a ‘Legend’.
    Read a good book on the history of Jeep…you’ll be amazed.

    ’91 XJ
    ’82 J20 Heavy
    ’67 Jeepster True Convertible w/power top.

    1. Cathy –

      To us, it’s a personal thing. You can put your whole hand up outside the window, you can lift two fingers up off the steering wheel, if you don’t have doors, some people put their hand down out the door and wave. As long as you’re acknowledging the Jeep in some way, you should be good. In this day and age, we’re fans of doing the most obvious wave possible so that the other driver can see you and wave back!

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