Jeep Wave Day 2015


May 7th is National Jeep Wave Day and that’s just around the corner! Why May 7th you ask?

  • 5 – Most people #JeepWave with their hands and most people have five fingers on each hand, so we picked May, being the fifth month of the year.
  • 7 – Jeep is iconic for its front headlights and grille, which has 7 slots in it, so we chose the 7th day of May.
  • 5 fingers waving at the 7 slot grille. = 5/7 each year! Now you know!

Last year, through social media, Jeep events, and personal interactions, we estimate that the word about Jeep Wave Day reached just over 10,000 people. The year before, we reached more than 6,000 people. So, we’re being ambitious and shooting to reach more than 12,000 this year. But, we’ll need everyone’s help, especially with less than a week left until Jeep Wave Day!

Please share with your social media connects on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and anything else we haven’t caught up with yet! Sharing pictures is great, linking people to this post, and #Hashtags always spread awareness #JeepWaveDay2015

Thanks to all the loyal followers and those who are always throwing out the Jeep Wave!

26 thoughts on “Jeep Wave Day 2015

    1. Skull Jeep – That’s the attitude you’ve got to have! Thanks for the comment and keep waving!

  1. I wave at every Heep here in Fla. I get a bout a 60% return. Those slackers get the middle finger for being stuck up.

  2. I actually thought the Jeep Wave was a way of life. I didnt realize a day was set aside for it.

    1. Rich – Couldn’t agree more, but you know there are plenty of Jeepers out there that never wave, #JeepWaveDay is about getting the word out to those folks.

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