About Us


Our History

Jeepwaves.com started in 2008 with the goal to preserve and promote the culture of the Jeep Wave and create fun products for enthusiasts to share their Jeep pride. We learned about the Jeep Wave in Connecticut, buying our second Jeep Wrangler in 1999. The culture was strong and just about every Jeep we passed on the two lane back roads would wave. Later, living in Colorado, the story was different and almost no one knew about the Jeep Wave. We figured a big sticker would help spread the word, and so the Original Jeep Wave sticker was born.

The jeep wave sticker

The Jeep Wave Sticker and Jeep Wave Shirt are original designs, copied by many, but equalled by few. You can order copies on eBay and other sites, or you can support the original sticker and shirt. As always, 10% of our sales are donated to the Wounded Warriors program.