Jeep Wave Day

Hey all.  We’re trying to get a day going where we can celebrate our Jeeps and promote the Jeep Wave.  With more and more Jeep drivers out there every day, we need to make sure everyone knows about the wave.  We decided last spring that the “day to wave” would be May 7th, which is in just over 2 weeks from today!

So, we wanna get the word out and we need some help.  Let’s post it up on Facebook, share it with your Jeep clubs, and throw that #JeepWave hash tag out on Twitter.  Don’t forget to holler at your local Jeep Dealer and make sure they know what’s up too!

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Moab 2012

Who plans to go out to Moab this week?  Anyone already there?  Based on the Facebook pics, it looks like people are having a ton of fun and the rigs that we’ve seen are super impressive.  With snow hitting this morning, it should make things interesting.

We’ve got some Jeep Wave fans in attendance rocking stickers and even a few t shirts.  The team is thinking we may drive out late Thursday for a Friday morning tour around Moab.  Not sure yet, will depend on work and what not.  We’ll be sure to update if we make it.

If anyone needs a sticker or shirt, there’s a special EJS sale going on over on eBay.  Check it out!