Steel Soldiers…

We wave at friends…and complete strangers who drive Jeeps. Our shared passion goes wayyy back, touched on in this short video we found on the creation of first Jeep – designed from the ground up to win WWII. Not only did it exceed all expectations, but it’s evolved into the vehicle we all know and love to drive today. Think about it next time you wave at a fellow “Steel Soldier.”

Two of Our Favorite Things

Good Girls & Dirty Jeeps. One of our fans sent us this video over on our Facebook page and we just had to share with everyone (make sure your volume is up when you watch it).

We’ve also got a little contest going on as well for the first person to post a screen shot of the Jeep Wave in the video to our Facebook page. The winner gets a free Jeep Wave sticker!

Enjoy the video and keep waving!

Take Time to Wave

We came across this video recently and besides being amazed at how fast these guys took apart and rebuilt a jeep, it got us thinking.  If we can do this in 4 minutes, why is it so hard for drivers to take 2 seconds to wave?  Maybe we’re distracted by our cell phones and everything we’ve got going on in our lives.  Or, maybe not enough new drivers know about the wave.  Either way, enjoy the video and remember, if these guys can rebuild a jeep in 4 minutes, we can take 2 seconds to recognize the best vehicle in the world driven by the best drivers in the world!  Jeep Wave every day!