Memorial Day 2015

We are breaking from tradition this year at Much of the team is in South Africa at the moment and we wanted to share a remembrance we came across the other day in Cape Town.


The commemorative cross comes from the 1st South African Brigade in remembrance of those “officers and men who fell in action” at the Battle of the Somme – 1916 in WWI. The cross is located at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town which highlights quite a bit of South African military history and their longtime alliance with the US military throughout WWI and WWII.


Being away from home on Memorial Day makes it all that much more important for us to quietly reflect on the sacrifices made by those protecting our freedoms. wants to thank all those who have served, past and present, and especially those who didn’t make it home.

Instead of going out to spend money on a sale today, please consider a gift to your favorite Veteran’s Fund or volunteering at your local Veterans Hospital or Home.


Veterans Day 2013

Each year on Veterans Day, we here at like to bring you a story or picture of Jeeps in service. Last year, it was a story about flying Jeeps in WWII, the year before, a story of Jeeps liberating captured troops in WWII.  This year, it’s something a little different, but no less interesting.

Culver Jeep

The photo above is of a commemorative pin from the Culver Military Academy. While officially named the Eagles, having a Jeep as your school mascot is quite a tribute to the vehicle that has served along side US troops for decades.

My father, who attended Culver and subsequently went on to a 20 year career in the Air Force, showed me this pin and recounted a few stories from his time at the school. While it was generally a very rigorous education, there were some stories of after hours mischief involving a Jeep and driving around campus with friends.

So, as you say thank you today to all those who have served us, past and present, give out a Jeep Wave or two and pay respect to the vehicle that supports our troops.


As we do every day of the year, donates 10% of all sales to the Wounded Warriors Fund as a small way to support our Vets. Thanks for helping us help them.

When Jeeps Fly…

It’s Veteran’s Day today.  Like every year, a time for us to personally reflect and thank those we know and those we’ve never met for their service to the USA. Like last Veteran’s Day, is bringing you some interesting historical notes from WWII – Jeep related of course.

This year, it’s a story about when Jeeps fly…seriously.  Excerpts taken from the book Citizen Soldiers, by Stephen Ambrose, recall the first solo flight recorded in a Jeep.  In WWII, the US military had a sizable fleet of gliders used to deliver troops and equipment into battle, often behind enemy lines, by gliding in just above the ground. In March of 1945, a Jeep and a medic, Pvt. Wallace Thompson, were loaded into the front of a glider (likely a Waco CG-4A) with two pilots.  Then, things got interesting:

“Over the target, just a few meters above the ground, an 88 shell burst just behind Thompson’s jeep. The concussion broke the latches of the nose section, which flipped up and locked, throwing the pilots out.  The blast cut the ropes that held the jeep, which leaped out ahead of the glider, engine running, flying through the air at high speed, Thompson gripping the steering wheel with all his might.  He made a perfect four-wheel landing and beat the glider to the ground, thus becoming the first man in history to solo in a jeep.”

As if that wasn’t enough, after landing, Thompson proceeded to drive his Jeep over to the two pilots who were injured in the landing. He then treated their wounds, and drove them to an aid station.  A story of heroism from all involved and an impressive number for our beloved Jeep to boot!  A little reminder next time your Jeep gets “airborne” on the trail…it could be worse.

The rest of the book is definitely worth a read, but we thought this little excerpt would be a fun read and a good reminder just how intertwined the Jeep is with the history of those who defend our country.  So, as we pay respect to our Veterans today, give a Jeep a wave if you see one!

Jeeps Blessed Sight – A WWII Vets Story

With a family history steeped in military service, Veteran’s Day is always a time to reflect for us here at Jeepwaves. As it should be for everyone. Lost in the day off of work and school is the real substance of remembering service and sacrifice and being thankful before the fourth Thursday in November.

That said, we were recently going through some old heirlooms passed down from my grandfather and came across a series of newspaper clippings from Louisville, KY describing the events of his time as a POW during WWII.  Injured in 1944 after bailing out of his P-47 Thunderbolt (clipping his leg on the tail section), he was captured and sent to a German controlled hospital.  The details of the story can be seen below in this scan of the original article.

Long Jeep story short, it was the American Jeeps rolling down “rubble-strewn streets” that signaled an end to their ordeal, and ultimately, a sign of the end of the war on the horizon.  He was 22 at the time and it’s hard to imagine the feelings going through all the soldiers minds as they saw what they did that day.  My father was born two years after this happened, and was it not for countless heroes, he, and I might never have existed.

The very personal aspect of this aside, I hope it’s something we can all take pride in as we drive down paved and un-paved roads today in our Jeeps.  They truly are a blessed sight. Think about THAT today and the next time you wave at a Jeep.  Here’s to all those past and present who serve our country.